Bison Family Medical clinics offer a full range of medical services including:

Acute & minor health care problems

Yearly Medical physical

Pre and post natal care

Health and travel counselling


Removal of lumps and bumps

EKG Testing

Spiormetery testing

MD Lifestyle Solutions

MD Lifestyle Solutions is Manitoba’s first and only Lifestyle Clinic. We are a team of health care professionals, including physicians, who focus on our client’s journey to a healthier life.

Our team works cohesively to provide education, knowledge, guidance, and support to clients who have chosen to make a lifestyle change.

  • Patients choose their journey. Our team offers the support you need to meet your goals.
  • Our team develops a specific program related to your wants and needs. No lifestyle change is standard for any patient. Every patient functions differently and our program supports your specific needs.
  • You choose the services that you want to utilize. No pressure, we have lots of options.

Ask your Family Practitioner at any of our 7 clinic locations for more information on MD Lifestyle Solutions at your next appointment OR  check out their website at and get started on your own lifestyle journey today!

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