It is without a doubt that in our current crisis, our healthcare system is going to go through some major changes. One of those being access to healthcare.  

 Many of you may be aware that we have been working on a Corporate Healthcare Program. Part of that program was going to be giving of access to a Virtual Healthcare Platform.

Through our EMR (Electronic Medical Records) software that has the capabilities of providing secure virtual care, we can now give patients access to healthcare online. This means no need to sit in a waiting room and patients will have the ability to speak with a doctor from the comfort of their home or workplace 

 The difference within our system is the ability to support virtual healthcare with access to health professions within our physical clinics. We all know that video conferencing has its benefits, but when teamed up with physician or allied health worker who can work with you in person, it completes the circle of care. (We hope to launch the physical facility add-on once the pandemic is over) 

 We are in a time of crisis. The yearly subscriptions that normally come with these services will be waived and access to virtual care will be available to all patients in Winnipeg 

Physicians who are part of the Bison Family Medical Clinics network include: 

  • Family and Walk-in Doctors 
  • Specialty: Cardiologist, Sports Medicine, Psychiatrist etc. 

Patients can make appointments by:

Contacting one of our virtual care clinics:

Primacy Regent Medical Clinic (inside the Superstore)
1578 Regent Ave West
Phone: 204-654-3083

Bison Family Medical Clinic on Pembina
1686 Pembina Highway
Phone: 204-202-1223
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Norwood Family Medical Centre
43 Marion St A
Phone: 204 233-9477

Bison Family Medical Clinic (inside the Superstore)
80 Bison Drive
P: 204 275-1500
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Emailing: with your name and phone number 


Dr. Timothy Ross and Ruheen Aziz